Friday, June 17, 2011

The Morning Glories are In

After work tonight we headed back down to the garden. With the recent dry weather, it was time to give the garden its second tilling. While Dad drove the tractor, I got busy planting my morning glories. I have collected quite a few over the last month and it was definitely time to get them into the ground. Quite a few had started climbing and wrapping around each other in the greenhouse. It took me some time to get them all untangled before I could get around to the planting. Now I just need to keep my fingers crossed that the bunny (?) who snipped off quite a few of the vines last year has moved away!

From left to right my varieties are: Sunrise Serenade, Split Personality, (2) Pastel Star Mix, Blue Star, (?) Blue Star, Grandpa Ott, Split Personality, Milky Way, Flying Saucer, & Pearly Gate.

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Rhonda Gales said...

I would love to know more about your greenhouse. I'm comtemplating buying one, but not sure what to buy. Thanks.