Friday, June 24, 2011

Looks What's Blooming Now

While we human gardeners are busily trying to grow and create beautiful landscapes, Mother Nature quietly goes about her business. As we enter the last week of June, here is what I have found blooming on my latest walks around the property. We start with our Native Columbine. I am thrilled with the number of columbine plants that I have discovered this year. It is one of my all-time favorite wildflowers and I have found plants growing on five different sections of our property. Hopefully they will all set seed and continue to multiply.

The Hairy Vetch is growing and blooming in all of the fields right now.

The wild roses are finally blooming too. They are a few weeks later than normal.

The Pink Mallow is just finishing up now. It to is found in open, sunny meadows.

The Cat's Ears are also just about done. They tried to put on a good show for us this year, but had a difficult time with all of the rain weighing down their heads.

While so many natives are wrapping up their annual show, the daisies are just beginning. For the next two+ weeks our meadows will be a sea of happy, white & yellow blooms. And another recent bloomer in the group is the Blue Dick, a member of the Lily family. It is another meadow grower and we have it nicely sprinkled all over our property. The plant, pictured below, is just beginning to open.

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