Sunday, June 26, 2011

Morning Glories

I spent much of today away from home but was finally able to make it down to the garden in the late afternoon. It was a glorious sunny day in the high 70's. I didn't have enough time to do any actual gardening but I did have my camera with me and was able to capture these two pictures. The Morning Glories that I planted last week down here are already beginning to bloom. I am afraid that I can't identify the variety pictured above. The tag in the plant said it was "Blue Star" but I grew that one last year and know it has a pretty pale blue flower with a white star. I looked on the Log House Plants web-site and can't identify what this one is. In any case, it is a beautiful blue shade with a violet star and i think it is quite stunning. I am glad to have this mystery guest. And pictured below is "Split Personality". It is an early bloomer and I always enjoy its unique shaped blooms. It reminds me of something tropical, like bogenvia.

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