Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Very Wet Weekend

It started raining here Friday afternoon around 4:00 PM and has rained - or poured - off and on ever since. We dumped out the rain gauge Friday morning. This morning the gauge has 1.5" in it and is full, so there is a good possibility that it rained even more! I am trying to focus on the fact how good this is for the earth. All the brown meadows will green up again soon and the forests will no longer have any fire danger. But the gardener in me who has so many immature vegetables is having a really hard time with this!


Heather said...

Ditto! Saturday was wet, wet, wet! I am hoping for a little warm sun to dry things out and finish off the vegetables. And I am thinking about all the grape growers in the area... not good at all!

Dan@retrooregon,com said...

I have just about given up and started to prepare for next spring. Two days of sun coming up. We will see what happens. My tomatoes are starting to split. Uhg