Monday, September 27, 2010

Morning Glories 2010

This was a pretty good year for my Morning Glories. While I did experience some trouble with my plants down in the big garden getting munched on by the rabbits, I was also able to try quite a few new varieties. I am so fortunate to be able to buy from Log House Plants and get to try all of the amazing different varieties that they sell.

My biggest success this year was "Ferringa". I purchased just one 4" plant from Log House and planted it in the vegetable bed by the house. I trained it up the new metal leaf art that we bought at the Oregon Plant Fair and it absolutely thrived there. I think Morning Glories really love full sun. "Ferringa" was particularly fun because of the two different colored blooms that the plant produced. It also set a lot of seed so I will be interested to see if I can grow a plant or two of my own from saved seed next Spring.

Another new variety that I tried this year was "Crimson Rambler". This Morning Glory produced hot pink blooms with red stars and white throats.

"Blue Star" was another pretty new one for me. Large pale blue flowers had royal blue stars with soft yellow throats.

"Sunrise Serenade" started blooming while still stuck in the 4" pot that I bought it in. And then it kept blooming and kept blooming! Then, in mid Summer the darn bunny ate it almost to the ground. It got a second wind, grew new vines and started blooming again! It had the most unique shaped blooms for a Morning Glory. They actually reminded me of bougainvillea.

A returning variety from last year was "Grandpa Ott's". Unfortunately, the bunny got this one too, and it barely survived to grow a new vine and bloom in late Summer. This picture isn't very good. It has a beautiful deep purple blossom with a fuchsia colored star and white throat. It is also a great producer of seed.

Yet another new-comer for me this year was "Milky Way". It had a beautiful, true white flower with a purple star. Very simple, yet striking. I will definitely look to grow this one again. In review, I only confirmed- and increased - my love for Morning Glories this year. I found lots of new "favorites" and I hope to try to grow some from seed next year too.

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