Friday, September 10, 2010

Almost like Summer again

After a nice Labor Day weekend, the clouds and rain started rolling in on Tuesday. Wednesday morning a quick read of the rain-gauge showed 1.1" had fallen. Yikes. This is way too early for this much rain.Today the sun finally returned in full and everyone has been enjoying it. After work Parvati, Tom, and I sat on the bench in the sun.

Being a short-hair, Tom can stand to sleep in the full sun and not get too hot. I told him to remember this day when it's cold and nasty in January. I don't think that he was listening! While he was sleeping on top of the bench..

his tummy and tail were slipping through the slats. Too funny!

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Shaheen said...

Its funny your talking about almost summer again, its pretty much over for us here in the U.K.