Saturday, April 1, 2017

Welcome April and the Farmer's Market

This year the first day of April also happened to be the first official day of the Lane County Farmer's Market main season. While the Market has been open during the Winter months, it has been on a much smaller scale. Today the full Market began, along with its neighbor the Saturday Market. The booths were filled with many of the usual Spring suspects; including these neon pink radish. How bright and cheery they are on an overcast Spring morning.

One of the more unusual offerings was this basket full of huge celeriac. I overheard someone saying the head farmer here could tell you "100 ways to cook with it"!

I loved these two-toned Rutabaga.

And here's another uncommon crop; Burdock root. I can truly say I would have no idea what do do with this crop.

Back to something more familiar with this pile of rainbow carrots.

It was a cool enough day that Leek and Potato soup sounded awfully good.

A few of the stalls were selling vegetable and herb starts.  I loved all of the colors and textures in these flats of young lettuce plants.

And there were even tomato plants for sale. While it was fun to look at them, it is way to early to even begin thinking about buying and planting out tomatoes. I will be back to make some purchases in another six weeks.

I loved these bundles of "Bright Lights" Swiss Chard. And I was also tempted by these sweet pots of Hoop-Petticoat Narcissus. I really liked their unusual rounded bloom. We might have to add this to our wish list of bulbs to buy this Fall.

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