Friday, April 14, 2017

The Tubers Are Arriving

This past Winter I placed 4 dahlia orders. Most of the orders were for new-to-me varieties that I am anxious to try. But a few of the orders also contained varieties that I have already grown. Sometimes dahlia plants don't perform as well as they used to and a few of my plants tested positive for a dahlia virus when I had samples sent to WSU this past Fall. So I am hoping new stock will prove to be both vigorous and virus free. I was excited to come home to find that my first two orders arrived during the past week. I was particularity thrilled with my order from Blossom Gulch Dahlias in Coos Bay. The owners Mike And Kathy Iler doubled everything that I ordered at no extra cost! Since a couple of these just released varieties were fairly expensive, it makes me feel a little less guilty getting twice as much for my money. Plus I will now have two plants of each new variety instead of just one.

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