Saturday, April 22, 2017

Apple Tree Explosions

All of the apple trees, both wild and cultivated, are springing to life. The wild apple tree, down at the bottom of the driveway, is bursting into bloom.

There were lots of happy pollinators working the blooms. That should be a good sign for apples this Fall.

The blooms on this tree begin as hot pink clusters and then open to reveal snow white petals.

My "Honeycrisp" apple, that I purchased last year, has broken bud and it starting to produce some leaves. Since it is still a fairly young tree, I am not expecting any blooms this year. But I am pleased to see that it survived our tough Winter just fine.

My brand new "Spartan" apple tree is just breaking bud. This is really exciting for me to witness, since we only planted this tree a few months ago when it was completely dormant. This is a large tree but I still don't think that I will see any blooms this first year in its new home. But I am still thrilled that it has settled in and is off to a good start this growing season.

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