Monday, April 10, 2017

A Pretty Combination

Right now, directly below the dining room window, we have a really pretty trio of plants in full bloom; bleeding heart "Gold Heart", trillium "Volcano",  and a hellebore who's name has been lost to time. To be perfectly honest, the combination wasn't really all that well planned. But as it has matured and filled in the past couple of years, it has really become striking.

This trillium has such a gorgeous deep black/red bloom and glossy green leaves.

It has now gone from one plant to a cluster of six plants. We could divide it but it looks so good all clumped together.

The "Gold Heart" bleeding heart is just beginning to bloom. As nice as the blooms are, we equally appreciate its vibrant chartreuse leaves. They take the dark corner in which it is planted and bring it front and center.

And I can't forget about the hellebore. It is completely covered in deep purple blooms that complement so well the chartreuse bleeding hearts leaves and the deep red trillium blooms. We couldn't have planned it all better if we tried!

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