Monday, March 21, 2016

The Greens After 5 Weeks

We have hit the five week mark for many of the greens I planted as an experiment in February. It took it a week longer to germinate than the other lettuce blends but the "Heirloom Cutting Mix" is starting to take off now.

Next to it, the "Charger" spinach I just planted a couple of weeks ago is starting to germinate. It will be interesting to watch and see if it catches up wit the "Catalina" spinach which was planted weeks earlier in cooler weather conditions.

Here a group of "Sweet Greens and Reds" Lettuce blend. in the next raised bed over.

It shares the bed with this interesting mistake. The "Catalina" spinach which I accidentally under-planted with "Wasabi" arugula. We shall see if they are good companion plantings!

In the next bed over the "Mild Mustard Mix" is doing great. I read it does well in cold weather and it is proving that to be true.

I love the spiky new leaves it is setting.

Sharing the same bed are these rows of "Renee's Baby Leaf Blend" . They too seem to be doing just fine in the wet and cold weather. I think as soon as we see a few sunny days in the 60's they are really going to take off.

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