Saturday, March 19, 2016

And Some More Bulb Planting

We were blessed with yet another dry Saturday, so it was time for some more bulb planting. I really want to get this done and get it off my mental "to-do" list. We started up on the bank by the Sweet Gum trees. There we planted 10 "Angel Eyes" daffodils.

As we were working in that area I noticed that the Hound's Tongue have already come up and are beginning to bloom. They have such pretty blue flowers. 

We then moved down to the island and planted 25 "Barrett Browning" daffodils. Then we stopped near the bottom of the road and planted 20 "King Alfred". While we still have one more variety left to plant,my back was telling me that was enough bulb planting for today. So then I moved back up to the house and finish weeding the "overflow" kitchen garden area. It was growing a dandy batch of grass and weeds and was at the point that it needed to be weeded or it was going to get out of control. It feels really nice to have this project completed. Now all I need to do is add some fresh Natures Best to the soil and this area is all ready to plant. At this point I am planning to plant Zinnias and Melons here after our last frost date.

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