Sunday, March 6, 2016

Greens Update

Yesterday, during a break in the bulb planting marathon, I planting some more spinach. I seeded the last 1/2 open raised bed with "Charger" Spinach from Seeds of Change. This is the variety that I grew last year that did so well. While I was in the Kitchen Garden, I couldn't resist lifting up the remay tunnels and checking on the other 2 raised beds. The "Sweet Greens and Reds" lettuce blend is growing a bit more each week. Now most of each row is nicely filled in with baby plants.

A clump of baby red lettuce.

In the other half of that bed I initially planted the "Catalina" Spinach. It didn't appear as though it was germinating very well, so I reseeded the area with "Wasabi" Arugula. Well guess what? Not only is the arugula up but now more and more of the spinach is germinating! I might need to do some spinach transplanting down the road.

In the next raised bed, both the "Baby Leaf Blend" lettuce and the "Mild Mustard Mix" are performing well. Especially the mustard. As you can see, some mustard seedling thinning is in my future.

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