Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sunset Flowerbed Weeding and Bulb Planting

Yesterday I tackled the project of weeding the Sunset Flowerbed for the first time this year. Fortunately, because I have been pretty vigilant the last few years about keeping this bed weed-free, it wasn't too huge a job. I really spent as much time cutting off last year's growth from most of the perennials as I did digging up weeds.

Things are looking pretty good now. I dug up both of the Asters and moved them to the back  of the bed. They were really pretty last year, but they were also extremely tall. This will be a much better place for them. I also want to move a Lobelia or two as well as a Daphne but that will have to wait for another day.

As I cleaned up and weeded, I made a few fun discoveries. The Peony root mass is covered in tiny, blood red shoots. It looks like we are off to a good start with that plant.

And I also found this sweet little guy. Last February, I bought this Ranunculus Ficaria "Citrina" up at Xera Nursery in Portland. As expected, it disappeared in late April and there was nothing but bare dirt until I saw leaves forming once again this Winter. And today I was reward with this soft yellow bloom. Yes, only one bloom this year but still, it means the plant settled in and survived.

Today, after Mom got back from church, we planted two sets of Fritallaria bulbs in this bed. The first group we planted were these 23 Fritallaria "Alba". Boy were they more than ready to be planted! Thankfully only two of the bulbs had dried out. So into the ground they went. We next opened up the bag of Fritallaria "Meleagris". They were much, much smaller bulbs and they didn't look good at all. But we decided to plant them anyway. If a few survive then we will be rewarded with their blooms. If not, it was worth the try.

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