Thursday, February 18, 2016

More Seed Purchases

When I got home tonight, I was pleased to see a package from Territorial Seeds in my pile of mail. This past weekend I placed an order for a few seeds that I wanted to try this coming year. Here's what I ordered:

"Wasabi" Wild Arugula - 32 day. It is described as "this arugula mimics the true flavor of wasabi right down to the tongue-tingling flush. As easy to grown leafy green with tine, white edible blooms. This fast growing green is worth the successive plantings required for continued harvest".

"Magnificenza" Organic Melon - 78 days. "This Italian netted melon is a sweet, prolific, and a vigorous grower. The early maturing fruit offer a thick layer of the most flavorful, orange meat. Round, 3-5 pound melons have an attractive tan netting with deep green sutures and set heavily on adaptable plants. Pick the melons as soon as you start seeing a yellow stripe along the green ribs and the stem begins to loosen from the vine."

"Rubenza" Cosmos - "An intriguing, ever-changing  display of shades. As the blooms develop and persist their color develops from deep, garnet red, mellowing to rose and finally fading to antique mauve. This Fleuroselect winning cosmos reaches 30-36" tall on steady, well-branched floriferous plants."

"Xanthos" Cosmos - " A sunny diversion from the standard cosmos, this new pastel lemon yellow-colored, dwarf cosmos offers the same showy flowers and ease of care as its pink-paletted brethern. Compact plants reach only 10-24' and need no staking. A 2016 Fleuroselect winner".

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