Monday, May 25, 2015

More Seed Planting and Dahlia Potting

Today I worked some more on potting up my dahlia tubers. I managed to get another 41 planted so I now have a total of 195 in pots. I am getting some rewards for all of my hard work. As of tonight I now have 37 of those potted dahlias that have pushed through the soil and are off and growing.

A shoot of the Anemone form "Mexico" newly emerged.

I also worked on starting some more seeds today. I planted;
  • 24 cells of "Cabaret" Double Cutting Zinnia from Renee's Garden
  • 4 cells of "Gloriosa Polyheaded" Sunflower from Seeds of Change
  • 4 cells of " Blacktail Mountain" Watermelon from Territorial Seed
  • 12 cells of "Night & Day" Antirrhinum from Sarah Raven
The Sarah Raven packet was brought back by my Mom from England 2 years ago. I have never planted snapdragons before, so I only used 1/2 of the seed. I am hoping that I have some success as the picture on the packet looks quite striking and I don't want to squander her special seed.

The sun came out in the early afternoon and I decided that I needed to water the Kitchen Garden. When I lifted the remay off of the onion tunnel I realized the the onions were pushing against the top of the tunnel. It was time to remove the tunnel for the year.

The onions are really looking good. They have developed strong necks and are putting out thick, green growth. It should be another good onion year. Pictured above, four "Candy" onions. Below, some of the "Cortland" plants.

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