Friday, May 29, 2015

More Germination

With the weather back up into the low 80's the last two days, there has been a lot of action in my seedling trays. Today's big surprise were the "Cabaret" Zinnias. There was no green at all in these cells when I left for work and now 11 hours later - ta da! - I have 16 plants up.

Here is the breakdown of what has germinated at this point:
  • "Howden" Pumpkin - 5/6 cells
  • "Hale's Best Jumbo" Muskmelon - 2/6 cells
  • "Addis Pickle" Cucumber - 12/12 cells
  • "Red Metamorph" Marigold - 4/18
  • "Dancing Petticoats" Cosmos - 5/18
  • "Cabaret" Zinnia - 16/24
Below, 2 young plants of "Hale' Best Jumbo" Muskmelon, newly germinated today.


Barb said...

The seedlings look great! How exciting.

Margaret said...

It's always exciting when you see germination happening!

Mindy said...

Zinnia babies are SO cute!