Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Watermelon Weigh-in Week #3

I am a day late this week with my weekly watermelon weigh-in. Life happens. So here are this weeks totals and the net gain of each melon in the past eight days:

  • Watermelon #1  1 lbs .3oz , a gain of 4.23 oz
  • Watermelon #2  12.4 oz.,a gain of 2.9 oz
  • Watermelon #3  1 lbs. 3.2 oz, a gain of 8.4 oz., this one gained 1/2 a pound this week
  • Watermelon #4  6.2 oz , a gain of 3.1 oz, so it doubled in size this week
So, the good news is, I now have two melons that have broken the one pound mark. The bad news, only one melon had any substantial weight gain this past week. It was a cooler week, with a bit of rainfall on two mornings. The heat is suppose to return this next week, so hopefully the melons will respond. They have a ways to go to hit 5+ pounds.

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