Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hedge Marigolds

Down in the big garden, I have a few rows set aside for cut flowers that I started from seed. One of these rows is planted with marigolds.

And not just any marigolds, but hedge marigolds. The first variety that I planted is "Red Metamorph". This marigold grows to 2-3' in height. It branches easily and is covered with beautiful lacy foliage. The plants quickly grow together to form a thick hedge.

Each bloom is a velvety dark red, with the underside of the each petal a burnt orange. As the weather heats up, the blooms become more striped. They return to solid red as the temperature drops once again.

Here are two "Red Metemorph" blooms growing side by side displaying some of the variation that occurs.

My marigolds are planted in a fairly shady spot. At best they only receive half a day of sunshine. While I am sure they would be closer to the 3' mark with better conditions, my plants are still healthy, dense, and covered with blooms.

The second hedge marigold that I started from seed this spring is "Frances' Choice". This amazing variety will reach heights of 4-5' . Once again, mine are shorter due to the growing conditions but they are still pushing 3' right now. The blooms on this plant are red with golden yellow edges. It is a prolific bloomer and would be amazing in full sun. Mine are just started to bloom, but will soon be covered in color. I purchased the seeds for both plants from Seeds of Change. For just $3.50 a packet you can have an amazing, vibrant living hedge in your garden.


betty-NZ said...

This is a wonderful flower with great color! I haven't seen any marigolds like this before. I'll have to look around!

Donna@Gardens Eye View said...

I love marigolds and grow a few dozen from seed every year.

Mindy said...

Wow, I guess I didn't realize there were varieties that get that big. They'll be so pretty in full bloom!