Saturday, August 16, 2014


Each time I go down to the big garden to water or to weed, I am pleasantly surprised to find that another two or three new dahlias have opened. I think easily 90% of the plants have bloomed now, some of them for many weeks. This is the first bloom of the year for "Haley's Dream', a miniature bi-colored cactus bloom in pink and white. I really love this one.

"Parkland Moonmist" a soft yellow collarette.

"Colwood Hope" a B sized laciniated white dahlia.

As I started to plant the dahlias this year, the rabbits attacked. They really hit both of my pink waterlily form "Carmen Bunky" plants hard, chewing off both of the growing tips. I wasn't sure what would become of the plants. Both recovered nicely, branching out from the base. The plants are shorter than normal, and the stems are a little smaller. But the blooms are still lovely and I am so glad both plants survived the bunny attack.

Another favorite of mine; "Belred Sunset". This BB sized incurved cactus isn't as red-violet as the picture shows. It's a very true color-crayon red.

"April Dawn", introduced in 1984 and still a winner. I will always have room for this variety in my garden.

"Tahoma Eldean, a single form dahlia in dark pink, yellow, and white. It was introduced by the same gentleman as "April Dawn". Pictured below, "Tahoma Hope" a white orchid dahlia. Yet another Les Connell introduction, this one from 2004.

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I always love your dahlia posts.