Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Weeding and Emerging Spring Bulbs

Finally, on this last day of the year, the fog disappeared and the sun came out. It felt so nice to be working outside in the warm 52 degree weather. I took advantage of the sunshine and spent an hour cleaning up the west end flowerbed. I worked quite a bit on the front of the bed where the narcissus and other small bulbs are planted. Many of the "Kokopelli" jonquil are up a good 2" now. I counted 37 stems with blooms on this clump last year so I am curious how it will perform this, its third year.

I am guessing - and hoping - that this little emerging group is either my "Snipe" or my "Sabrosa" daffodils. Both of my small little clumps have lost their tags and I can't remember exactly where they are each planted. I am sure however, that the emerging green tips pictured below belong to my clump of "Topolino" narcissus. They are just starting to appear, so I was glad to get the ground around them weeded and level today.

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