Saturday, December 7, 2013

A Walk in the Snow

It was so nice, after yesterday's 8" snowfall, to have the whole weekend off to enjoy it! With the temperature not expected to climb above freezing all weekend, I will have two days off to play in the snow.

I got up early and took some pictures before the sun had risen over the hill.

With no wind, everything stayed caked and covered in snow.

I started my hike down the driveway. I think this must be deer tracks coming out of the woods.

The tree branches looked so pretty outlined in white.

The only marks in the snow where tire trails and animal prints.

We decorated our front gate last weekend. It certainly looks festive covered in a blanket of powdery snow.

Looking down the road toward town.

And looking the opposite way. Not a car in sight!

I walked in the peaceful silence down to my big garden. 

The blue gate glows in the fresh snow.

A perfect blanket over my garden. Once again, I am so glad I have all of my dahlias dug and safely stored away. I know that I would have now lost any that were still left in the frozen ground. Once in a while hard work does pay off!

We had a great year for wild rose hips. The hedgerow between the garden and the road was full of them this Fall. They look beautiful in the snow.

These tracks came out of the forest, went across the garden, an disappeared into the hedgerow. I am pretty sure it was a brush bunny.

Climbing back up the driveway. The sky was a perfect, clear cobalt blue.

I spent a good deal of the day filling all of the bird feeders. With the combination of a heavy snowfall, and the long cold spell which we are experiencing, it is so important for the birds to have plenty of food available. This little male downy woodpecker was at the peanut feeder off and on all day. After my long hike a took a cue from Parvati and went inside to get warm myself.

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Barb said...

The snow looks so pretty with the bright blue sky!