Friday, December 6, 2013

It's Snowing..and Still Snowing!

At around 4 AM this morning it began to snow. A band of moisture from the Pacific hit the mass of Arctic cold air that has been settled over the Pacific Northwest for the last two days. The strange thing about his snowfall, as compared to past "normal" snowfalls, is that it happened during the day. It snowed from 4 AM and didn't stop until around 6 PM. It was also different in that it was powdery, dry snow, unlike our usual heavy, wet snow.

The forecasters called for 1-3" on the valley floor. Well, we ended up with exactly 8" when it all stopped!

It was a beautiful winter wonderland everywhere you looked.

The powdery snow stuck to sides of the trees and heavily coated their branches and boughs.

All of the teasel looked like little snow domes.

My poor garlic! I am desperately hoping that the snow acts as an insulator and protects it from these freezing temperatures.

The forecast isn't calling for the daytime temperature to rise above freezing until Monday. That means we will have all weekend to enjoy this rare, heavy snowfall. Stay warm!

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