Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Sunny Saturday at the Market

Since I have plans the next two Saturdays, I really wanted to be able to make it down to the Farmer's Market today. After running a few necessary errands, we arrived around 10:30 AM. The Hideaway Bakery brought their portable wood burning stove for the first time this year, so the breakfast decision became somewhat easier. After devouring a delicious breakfast scramble, I headed off to see what was new at the Market this week. I first spied these beautiful stacks of young red & sweet onions.

Many of the stands were featuring piles of freshly picked rhubarb.

I loved the geometry of this basket of young artichokes.

This was also the first strawberry sighting of the year. I am sure that Groundworks Farm is growing them in a hoop house to have ripe fruit this early. The crowds were snatching the pints up!

I was also surprised to see cucumbers this early. I am not familiar with the variety "Diva".

These red potatoes looked great. And how nice to have more than one variety from which to choose.

Lots of the vendors were also selling asparagus.

And how about some zucchini the first Saturday in May?! Amazing.

After we finished up at the Market, we headed to Down to Earth. I picked up a 6-pack of "Toscano" Kale. I also purchased everything I will need to get my flower and vegetable seeds started. I am hoping to start planting tomorrow. The long stretch of sunny weather that is forecasted should be great for seed germination.

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