Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

We enjoyed a beautiful Mother's Day Sunday. The weather could not have been nicer. The high hit 83 degrees and everyone was outside soaking up the sunshine. My day was full between track & Mother's Day activities so I had to get up early to sneak in some gardening time. While I gave the grass around the garden its second mowing of the year, Dad worked on leveling out the dirt in the garden. He filled in old dahlia holes with the left over compost and scraped the hills and bumps flat with the blade on the tractor. After a couple hours of hard work from both of us, and a sunburn or two, the garden is now ready for the first tilling of the year!

As I pushed the mower down the road, heading back home, the wind picked up and an unmistakable fragrance filled the air. Lilacs! I hadn't even noticed that the old lilac bushes across the road from my garden are in full bloom. I stopped to admire the beautiful blossoms. We haven't had any rain since May 4th, so the blooms are in perfect condition. There is no other scent like a lilac. Lovely!

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