Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Crab Apple

 As the clouds rolled in tonight, the dark, lead-grey skies became the perfect backdrop for the "Royal Raindrops" Crab Apple. The tree is almost in full bloom now. I am so happy that it has rebounded from last years disappointing show and is totally covered this year in hot-pink flowers. It was planted on Mother's Day 2009 and was soon discovered by the local deer. As you can still see 3 years later, they gave the lower branches a pretty good trimming. We immediately surrounded the tree with protective fencing. I am hoping some day it will get large enough that the fencing can be safely removed. I am also hoping time will allow the lower portion of the tree to fill out and regain a more pleasing shape. But even with its cage and lopsided shape, it is still a lovely, glowing beacon on the hillside right now.

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Lady Farmer said...

Ooohhh! Your crabapple is lovely! Such glorious color! It seems to really be rebounding well!
The buds on our six are just beginning to open! The trees are all encased in a fence like yours so hopefully we will get to enjoy the beauty without the deer destroying them, this year.