Saturday, March 24, 2012

Three Days Later.............

It's been three days since our record Spring snowfall and things are starting to return to normal. In the sunnier locations there are just small patches of snow remaining. Here are two clumps of Pacific Hounds Tongue. They seem to have survived the heavy snow just fine.

The front of the house faces North and gets very little direct sun in the Winter.The snow from the roof fell in great piles onto the front flowerbeds and has been very slow to melt.

Underneath this drift there is a lovely group of "Jet Fire" daffodils among other things!

The "Jet Fire" daffodils are directly to the right of the metal quail - I promise!

The pile in front of the dining room window is even bigger. Most of our lovely hellebores are still buried as well as a selection of spring bulbs.

This daffodil clump has made it out but the hellebore to its left isn't looking to good!

In the back, which faces South, most of the snow is gone. I still haven't repaired the kitchen garden fence yet.

The garlic that has resurfaced looks pretty good. A few of the leaves are a bit bent but I don't think that that will affect the plants long-term health or growth.

We have also been seeing the gradual return of the Band-tailed Pigeon population. It started with just a single bird and has built up to eight now. By Summertime our flock will number 40+ birds. I also heard and saw a group of five Violet-green Swallow flying high in the sky. It is great to see them returning and enjoying our sunny morning.

Ending on an important note, the power came of this morning at 8:30 AM. We were without electricity and running water for 3 days and 2 hours! The house is slowly getting warm again but Solomon still thinks it's more comfortable underneath the covers.

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Robin said...

Solomon looks like one happy cat!

The hellebore should be fine if it's rooted well. I have one here and it really doesn't die over the winter.