Saturday, March 3, 2012

The First Weekend in March

What a lovely day! We had sunny, blue skies and reached a high temperature of 63 degrees. It was easy to forget that we were covered in snow three days ago until you looked in the front flowerbed. There you would find a poor Hellebore plant still buried under a pile snow that was dumped off of the roof! However, everywhere else it felt like Spring. The "tete-a-tete" daffodils in the mudroom bed are now in full bloom.

Up on the bank, the first daffodils to bloom each year are the sweet, little "Segovia". They were closed just yesterday but completely opened in today's sunny warm weather.

The crab apple on the bank has begun to break dormancy. You can just make out the fat, blood-red shoots starting to elongate.

Also up on the bank, and scattered all around the property, are the wild Pacific Hound's Tongue "Cynoglossum Grande". Their fat leaves are just pushing through the soil now. The underside of the leaves are silver and the stem and veins are red. It is really striking as it makes its yearly appearance.

Down by the big garden the pussy-willow tree is at its showy best.

At the head of the secret path the shooting stars are just emerging.

And inside the garden I found the first trillium. These lush leaves will form a huge clump at the base of Dorothy's rose. I always have to be careful when I do the first weeding of the year not to accidentally pull up a trillium plant.

Down the secret path I spied a small clump of deep purple violets and back inside the garden I found the first pink violet of the year.Spring is coming!

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