Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Another Snowy Morning

Well, Winter just will not completely release its grip on March. This morning we awoke to yet another snow event. This time we received about 1/2  inches of very icy snow. It made my drive into work a bit scary but thankfully by the afternoon everything had melted.

In the front flowerbed, all of the hellebore, currently in full bloom, were temporarily flattened by the weight of the snow. The tiny iris reticulata, pictured below, fared a little better. I loved the bits of purple peeking out from underneath the white blanket.

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Lady Farmer said...

Eeeek! Yes, crazy weather indeed! Hope your beautiful Hellebore survived. They are such hardy things though, coming up in the coldest of winter!
I've just about give up ever thinking I can go out to plant something. High 50's and low 60's some days and snow the next. Now we are to have 'slushing' for the next week!
I am eager to plant my 'booty' of seeds that I received in the mail. Waiting for the ground to dry out some first!