Sunday, March 4, 2012

Early March Kitchen Garden Update

This weekend I decided to take the remay hoop cover off of the garlic row. I hadn't noticed earlier but Wednesday's snowfall partially flatten one of the metal hoops.So, off the remay came! All of the garlic plants are big enough now that a bit of random nibbling on their leaves by the finches shouldn't bother them too much. Pictured above are the "Nootka Rose" plants. They are continuing to look really good.

Here are two of my "Chesnook Red" plants. I sure hope that hard-neck varieties are suppose to grow like this because all of my Chesnook plants look exactly like this- short and squat!

And then there are my poor "Blauschokker Purple Pod" pea plants.They have been in the ground now for a week and have had temperatures in the mid twenties and snow two nights! Thank goodness they are such tough plants. Mine do look a little worse for wear but should be fine. I was excited to see that the first plant had wrapped its tendril around the tower. If they can all get a hold of the tower they will be able to withstand the wind and bad weather a bit better.


Athena at Minerva's Garden said...

Hi Lexa: So nice to see your garden online once again! I added a link to your blog on our blogroll over at Minerva's Garden! I spent the winter updating my gardening blog, so it has a fresh new look. Your garlic and peas look great--I love the idea of growing peas up a tomato cage--very clever! I have salad greens under hoops and plastic outside, and am itching to get some tough-plant seeds into the ground soon, but I have seedlings indoors growing under lights as well. Take care!

Clint Baker said...

Hello, I hop you don't mind, I stopped in off the Party! I am gonna follow along.

Barb @ A Life in Balance said...

I like the tomato cage idea, too. I've been growing mine in a straight line, though I think they take up too much room in the bed. This year, I'll try the tomato cage since I do have a few extra lying around. ;)

Jami @ An Oregon Cottage said...

Oh, Lexa, good for you- your space looks great! I didn't get any garlic in this year -ugh- and haven't thought about peas yet - just the early spinach, carrots and beets I'm trying.

Looking forward to seeing your garden grow at the TGP!