Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Rains Return

I awoke to a funny noise this morning. I thought at first it was the heating/cooling system but quickly realized it was the sound of rain falling on the roof. It has been a while! We did have some quick down pours move though the area last Sunday but our last true rain event was sometime in July. I was a bit torn about the rain. On the one hand it would clear the air, dampen the earth, and help to stamp out forest fire danger. But on the other hand, I knew my flower garden would take a bit of a hit.

Tonight after work I walked down to the big garden. I was pleased with how little actual damage there was. I had about 10 dahlia knocked over but that was my fault for not ever completely finishing up tying all of the plants to their stakes. Most of the damage occured on plants that were loaded with blooms. These all snapped. I cut them off and tossed them over the fence. Within a week or so new blooms will take their place and you won't be able to tell what happened. On my way back from the garden I can across this little guy. He too will be glad for some rain to green up his grass.

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Boho Farm and Home said...

How nice! We are dreaming of rain here in the Southwest...rain and the cooler weather makes the plants and flowers so happy!