Friday, September 16, 2011

Getting Ready for the Show

 Tonight I rushed down to the garden after I got home to pick for tomorrow's Dahlia Show. I truly wasn't sure if I would have any blooms to take. My dahlias just haven't been very good this year. They really hated the cool Spring & Summer weather and in turn grew slowly. Some of my bushes are stunted while others are now just starting to branch out. But, it is always much more fun to judge at a show when you have blooms entered too. I managed to find 10 decent looking ones and hauled them up to the house.

For there I staged them in their show cans filled with floral foam. An entry tag with correct information was attached to each one and I was ready to go. I had quite a few Poms to bring and was able to stage a triple of "Willo Borealis".

For my bigger ones, I have 3 incurved cactus and 2 waterlily forms. You can tell what I like to grow! This year I have to move up to the top exhibiting group, advanced amateur. It is going to be really tough now to get a bloom to the Head Table. I think my best chance for this weekend's show is my bloom of "Dagmar", a B sized orange incurved cactus. We shall see what tomorrow brings!


Mindy said...

So pretty! They certainly fared better than mine. One of my favorites is about 7 feet high and it just now has a tiny bit of color showing on ONE bud. Pathetic. I lost two and another favorite is just now up about a foot and a half. Three are doing pretty well, but overall, a bust. I shall live vicariously through yours. :)

icebear said...

i have loved he photos of your blooms for about two years now, so happy to hear of your successes!