Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Holiday Weekend

Today kicked-off a wonderful 3-day weekend and the best news of all - the weather is suppose to be fabulous! This morning the whole family headed down to the Farmer's Market. After stopping to enjoy some breakfast treats we took a leisurely tour of the market. There were piles and piles of beautiful tomatoes everywhere.

The pears have started to ripen. This basket held regular Bartlett and also Red Bartlett.

This farm stand did a nice educational display. They cut open a sample of each tomato they were selling.

This was the first time that I have ever seen Sea Berries sold at the market. Sea Berries, also called Sea Buck-thorn, is one of the most commonly grown berries in the world, yet most Americans have never heard of them. They are native over a wide area of Europe & Asia. The berries are acidic but when mixed with sweetener make a healthy drink full of important nutrients. In Finland it is used as a nutritional ingredient in baby food and in Germany it is found in a popular juice drink.

The melons continue to shine. There is something about watermelon that just screams "summertime" to me.

I hope wherever you are this holiday weekend, you make the time to find a patch of shade and maybe slip in a nap or two. Happy Labor Day Weekend!

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