Friday, May 14, 2010

A landmark day- the first tilling of the year!

After 6 weeks of sunny weekends followed by wet, cold weekdays, we have finally experienced enough dry days in a row that it was possible to till the big garden. Dad make quick work of it on his trusty tractor. As always, I had him till under about 6 inches of grass on each side to reclaim garden space. Without doing that the garden would shrink in size every year.
As the blades quickly turned over the soil, the air was filled with that unique scent of damp earth. It is one of the smells of Spring to me, just like freshly mown grass.
Wet, clumpy clay. That's my garden, even after years of adding compost and other organic matter to it.
All done for the day. The forecast for more sunny weather this weekend should help speed along the drying process. Until it is ready to plant, I can use the time to finalize my garden plan. There is nothing more exciting than a blank garden, ready to plant.

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