Saturday, May 15, 2010

Another Saturday at the Farmer's Market

This morning we hit the Lane County Farmer's Market early..well early for me! We where there by 9:20 AM and started by enjoying some breakfast. Then we walked the Market. There were still many, many vendors selling gorgeous, healthy vegetable starts. I was strong and didn't bring any home!
The beautiful peonies pictured above where being sold by the 5 gallon pot. If I only had somewhere to plant them.
The produce vendors are starting to get a more diverse offering, as May slowly counts down to June. There were piles after piles of carrots and colorful beets.
This is a closeup of a large basket of baby patty-pan summer squash. I am impressed that anyone has grown any type of squash to a successful harvest so far this year. I wonder if they are being greenhouse grown?
And the thrilling find of the day.. the first Strawberries of the season ! Bravo to Groundworks Organics.

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