Monday, May 31, 2010

Dahlias - Signs of Life!

This weekend, in my gardening dreams, is always the weekend that I hope to begin planting dahlias down in the big garden. Due to the fact that we have received almost 3" of rain since Tuesday, it certainly didn't happen this year. Instead, I finished potting up the last of my 200+ tubers into 1 gallon pots. Here they can begin growing while I wait for conditions in the garden to improve. I was rewarded for my work by finding green shoots pushing through the soil in about 10 of the pots I planted two weekends ago. The plant pictured above is "Lismoore Peggy",  a pink Pom. It is amazing that that little shoot will grow into a plant 5 feet tall that can produce over 100 blooms in a season. Such potential! Below, the "garden" of dahlia pots, over 200 strong!


Tabletop Fountains said...

Looking great. Here is hoping the rain dries up for you. We could use some in Upstate NY.

Lexa said...

I would love to trade you some rain for some sunshine! It's a deal. Thanks for stopping by.