Saturday, August 15, 2009

Squash Update

The squash are doing great this year. In fact they are doing so well they are completely making up for the pole beans and dahlias that are having a bit of a tough time. The first variety to successfully pollinate and set was the "Buttercup" squash. I now have 3 very large, almost mature fruit, with 1 more immature fruit set this week. The funniest one is growing in the crook of one of the tea rose bushes. The squash had climbed up and over the bush and amazingly the set fruit developed right in a crook in the middle of the rosebush. The good news is I don't have to worry about the base of the fruit getting wet up there!

The next squash to get going was the "Delicata". I have four plants and I was getting a little frustrated because the fruit wasn't getting pollinated and was all dropping off. Well, I shouldn't have worried. Within the last 2 weeks, the plants have just gone crazy. I have medium to small size squash everywhere, including the 2 pictured above. They are growing outside of the protective deer fence and look a bit like cucumbers at this stage. Fortunately, most of the "Delicata" are inside the fence where they belong. A quick unofficial count came up with over 10 fruit.

The last variety to set fruit was the "Buttercup". I was starting to get worried that I wouldn't get any this year and they are one of my favorites. But, I needed to remember I had to replace my two original plants early on with starts from the farmer's market. I think this set them back quite a bit and they are now just really starting to climb and spread. Of coarse, where does the vine choose to set the fruit -outside the fence, once again. It seems to be a theme here! I am not as concerned about the "Delicatas" outside the fence because I have so many. But these are my only two "Buttercups" so I think I might put temporary fencing over them to be sure that the deer don't eat them.

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