Sunday, August 23, 2009

1st Tomato Harvest

Today I had my first tomato picking session. I have had some cherry types ripe for awhile, but I just haven't found the time to get to them. Today's haul came from both the 8 plants in the vegetable bed and the plants down in the big garden. My total harvest : 5 lbs 6.9 oz. My biggest frustration is two of the plants that are doing the best were both purchased with a tag that read "Delicious". Both plants are different than each other and neither plant matches the catalog description of "Delicious".
-Kelloggs Breakfast (1)
-Orange Blossom (1)
-San Marzano (2)
-Roma (2)
-Bonito Oja (2)
-Master Caruso (3)
-Fireworks (2)
-Valencia (1)
-Chocolate Cherry (1)
-Yellow Pear (5)
-Yellow Grape (12)
-Sweet Million (39)
-Mystery "Delicious" Orange (2)
-Mystery"Delicious"Dark Red (15)

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