Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Many More New Dahlia Blooms

It seems that each time I visit the Big Garden, I have 3 or 4 more dahlia varieties that are blooming for the first time. Tonight was no different. I do love the bold, red blooms "Asia", pictured above. This B-sized incurved cactus always reminds me of chrysanthemum blooms.

"Colwood Hope" a B-sized laciniated in white.

Here is one of my "oops!" dahlias this year. This Spring I purchased two tubers of a new white miniature ball called "Hollyhill Ms. White". As the plant grew I thought it was strange that the stalks were a deep red/purple color. This normally only happens on red or purple dahlias. Well, the first blooms have opened and you can clearly see I do not have "Hollyhill Ms. White". I called the hybridizer and sent him two pictures. He apologized and thinks I am growing "Hollyhill Margarita" an incurved cactus in dark pink. That looks about right!

My first bloom of  "Brian's Dream" a miniature size formal decorative in a light blend of white and pink. It has such perfect form.

My one plant of "Tahoma Alicia" is going to town! It is just covered in perfect blooms right now and branching out with future buds and blooms. I definitely want to grow a few more plants of this variety next year.

And this is a welcome site! My first bloom of "Pam Howden". If I could only grow a few dahlia plants, I most certainly would grow this one.

"FV's Dainty"  Pink and yellow

I am also excited about my Mignon Single plants. For the first time, I am growing this form not in pots but in the ground. I have a sweet little "hedge" of them, right along the rabbit fence. Unfortunately, before we discovered where the rabbits were getting through the fence, they found my Mignon plants and gave them a very healthy trimming! They have now recovered and are nicely branching out thanks to the bunnies trimming job. Soon they will be covered in sweet, little blooms

"Stillwater Plum" Purple

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