Monday, September 7, 2015

The Monday Bloom

In a normal year, I would find myself driving up and down I-5 this Labor Day Weekend, attending the Portland Dahlia Society's Annual Show. But this year, due to my less-than-stellar dahlia garden, I decided to take Labor Day Weekend off and rest. It was a good decision. I needed the rest and quiet and my garden is still weeks behind. But I did take notice of one bloom these past few days. My two new-to-me "AC Shitake" plants are just opening their first flush. One bloom in particular looked fantastic and I cut it on Saturday as it neared maturation. It has hit the peak of perfection today, Labor Day. Had it looked like this Friday night, I might have driven all the way to Portland to enter just this one bloom. It looks fantastic! Great color, no bug damage, ram-rod straight stem. A Head-table worthy bloom..just on a Monday.

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