Friday, September 4, 2015

More Blooms in the Dahlia Garden

With September's arrival, my late-planted dahlias are finally beginning to bloom in earnest. The plants still aren't full and bushy but at least I am getting more and more individual blooms to enjoy each day. And thankfully, the rabbits have, for the most part, quit munching on all of the plants too.

One of my all-time favorite dahlias, "Pam Howden", a waterlily form in a dark blend of yellow, orange, and dark pink.

My first bloom of the year of "Clearview Debby" a BB sized fully decorative form in a light blend of lavender and white. After loosing my stock it is so nice to have this one back in my garden once again.

My two plants of "Embrace" are really doing nicely. I had to replace my stock this year and I ended up with really good replacement tubers. Thanks Max!

A new-to-me variety this year; "AC Shitake". So far this first bloom has really good form and I am loving the deep, rich orange color.

Another new purchase; "Bloomquist Dan G" a miniature ball in dark red.

The first bloom of the year on "Sir Richard" a miniature ball in dark pink.

This dahlia isn't completely opened yet but I am loving the color combination on "Island Blaze". I don't think it is going to be much of an exhibition dahlia but I think it will be great in Fall bouquets.

"Kelsey Sunshine" a bright yellow collarette.

"Valley Porcupine" continues to be such a reliable bloomer for me. Great form bloom after bloom, year after year. And below, I discovered this little guy resting in a spent bloom of "Camano Cloud". Yet another reason to garden organically.

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