Monday, September 14, 2015

Monday Harvest Recap - Watermelon Edition

The exciting harvest news this week was that I harvested the first watermelon from my little watermelon patch. My 3 "Blacktail Mountain" plants set four melon this Summer. Two melons set in July and another two set in August. This melon is from the first flush and I think I might have waited a little too long to harvest it. I will have to see what my taste testers think. But nonetheless, I am happy to have grown a watermelon to full maturity in Oregon. This guy weighted in at 6 lbs. 15.2 oz.

I continue to see a steady ripening of fruit on the tomato plants. I did have some splitting damage this week, I am sure due to the rain we finally received. The damage was minor but you can see it on the two "Esterina" cherry tomatoes pictured on the truss, above. This week's harvest:
  • "Galina" - (63) 11.9 oz
  • "Mountain Magic" - (27) 1 lbs. 2.4 oz
  • "Matthew" - (27) 9.3 oz
  • "Esterina" - (63) 10.3 oz
  • "Matina" - (22) 10.1 oz

"Mountain Magic"

I also harvested my second round of "Mystery" peppers. These are the peppers that were suppose to be "Padron" but clearly are not. They are a hot pepper and the plant is very healthy and vigorous. This week's harvest was (11) more peppers weighing in at 3.8 oz. They are headed off to become some fiery salsa.


Daphne Gould said...

Congrats on the watermelon.

Jenny Rottinger said...

So jealous of that watermelon - one item that I DID want to have and did not survive this year :( Lovely cherry tomatoes and pepper

Eight Gate Farm NH said...

Really nice watermelon. I have no hope of any that large--baseballs are all I get.

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