Thursday, January 1, 2015

The New Year and the Garlic is Up!

Happy New Year! The New Year began here sunny and cold! Our overnight low hit 19 degrees and today's high was only 38. Even in the early afternoon this bird bath was still frozen

 But I couldn't stay inside with all of that sunshine, so I bundled up and decided to check on the garlic that I plant back on December 13th. When I pulled back the remay fabric I was pleased to see many green shoots poking out of the raised bed.

I counted 18 of the 19 "Chesnook Red" plants up and growing.

The "Russian Red" garlic looked good as well. I counted all 11 plants up. I did notice, as you can see in the above and below pictures, that many of these cloves had pushed up out of the soil just a bit. I need to bring in some more Nature's Best and give the raised bed an inch or two top-dressing.But even with my very late planting, I thought all of the cloves seemed to be doing well. We are on the way to another good garlic harvest.

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