Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Garlic in Late January

I got off of work a few minutes early today. Combined with the sunny day that we had and the ever so slightly lengthening of each day, I was able to get outside and work after I made it home. It was so nice to be home before dusk settled in! I had been trying all week to get home in time to water my garlic. That sounds like such a funny thing to say in January, but with all of this dry, sunny weather that we have been experiencing, I was growing concerned that the raised garlic bed might be drying out.

So off came the remay cover and voila - Garlic plants! They have grown so much since I last looked at them on New Years Day. As has been the pattern the last two years, the "Russian Red" garlic plants are the tallest. They are getting close to 6" tall now.

All of the "Chesnook Red" garlic plants are also doing really well. They have all come up and are close to 4" tall. I gave all of the plants a good, slow soaking and then covered up the row once again. Since they are calling for rain only on Sunday night, and the high temperatures are forecast to be in the high 50's all next week, I need to be vigilant about keeping the garlic row well watered during this strange Winter.

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