Sunday, January 4, 2015

Ordering Dahlia Tubers

Well, today I broke my rule and I ordered new dahlia tubers before I completely finished dividing and storing last years! But I am so close to being done and it's now January. If I don't place my orders soon, tubers will start to sell out. So, I spent a pleasant hour or two on-line, looking over the latest releases and reviewing what tubers I need replace. Before I started I set a budget and then proceeded to pass it by $100! Oops. But I can now look forward to 4 boxes arriving near the end of April. I have ordered 17 new varieties and replaced stock on 3 more. For anyone looking to order some dahlia tubers, I recommend visiting the Colorado Dahlia Societies Big List. This is a wonderful resource that lists all of the commercial dahlia operations and then lists every dahlia variety those businesses sell by alphabetical order. If you have never ordered tubers on-line before I always recommend buying from a business in the same general geographical area as your garden. I think the dahlias are acclimatize to your region and grow better the first year. There's no science to back that up, it's just my opinion. Some of my favorite commercial growers are River's Dahlias, Clack's Dahlias, Park's Dahlias, Dahlia's By Les & Viv, Blossom Gulch Dahlias and Birch Bay Dahlias. But there are many, many more reputable growers out there too. Another option is to wait until the Spring. Then you can visit the Colorado Dahlia Society web-site and they will list all of the tubers sales that the local dahlia societies are holding all over the US.  Whatever method you choose, happy ordering!

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Barb said...

We have a sale here in the
Spring. The growers are very helpful so I usually buy from them. It is run by the local Dahlia Society.