Sunday, December 28, 2014

Witch Hazels

Well, it's just a few days after Christmas but both of our witch hazel plants are in full bloom.

I have to blame this on the very warm and mild temperatures that we have enjoyed this past November and  December. November had 20 days where the high exceeded 50 degrees and so far we have had 17 days over 50 degrees this month. In comparison, last year I wrote a post about the witch hazel blooms on January 18th, almost 3 weeks later than this year.

No matter the date, we need to enjoy their beauty when it appears.

I don't think that the red witch hazel in the front flowerbed has ever been covered with so many blooms.

We need to move this plant to a better location where it will have more room to grow. Reading online it looks like the ideal time for transplanting will be after the flowering is done, but before the leaves appear.

Until then we can just enjoy the display.


Mindy said...

So cool. I definitely need to add one to my garden.

Barb said...

I just noticed our yellow one blooming today. The red one is so pretty.