Saturday, December 27, 2014

Mowing Project #1

With the dry October we had, I wasn't able to work on my yearly "clean-up" of the property. There are many, many meadows and trails that I like to mow each year. It makes a nice area in which to hike each Winter and also provides a clean backdrop for the wildflower displays each Spring. But with such bone dry conditions, even in mid-October, it was too dangerous to mow. Then, as the rain finally returned in November, I had to switch my attention to digging dahlia tubers. So now it is the last week of December and I haven't been able to mow even once yet. Today was the day to change that! Rain was in the forecast for late afternoon, so Dad and I got out around noon to attack the small area behind the shop.

We started by using the blade on the trimmer and attacking blackberry vines. Then we switched to the string trimmer. Dad cut back the tall grass and I followed with the lawn mower. It is always amazing what a difference an hour or two of work makes. Many years ago, we won a large sack of nameless yellow daffodil bulbs at a plant meeting. We randomly planted them in this area and they have really done well. Unlike most of the named varieties that we have planted over the years, these have naturalized and multiplied just like they are suppose to. So now, with the area freshly mowed, we will be able to fully enjoy the flowing daffodils this Spring. 

Right as I was finishing mowing this area, I hit a rock. It killed the engine and then a wheel fell off! As I searched for the wheel, it began to rain. We packed everything up and headed inside for the day. Our timing couldn't have been better. Tonight, with it rainy and cold outside, we built a fire and enjoyed a peaceful Winter's evening inside.

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Mindy said...

Love the kitties!!!! They always know the best spot in the house.