Friday, December 26, 2014

Mudroom Clean-up

The sun came out today in wonderful, long spells and we hit a high of 50 degrees. Since I was drawn to the outdoors, I decided to work in the mudroom flowerbed, where I could enjoy the warmth of the sun each time it poked out from behind the few white clouds. I spent just over an hour cutting back most of the dead foliage and stems.

Even though it is only December 26th, there is so much new growth. Both clumps of "tete-a-tete" narcissus are over an inch tall now.

As I cut back last year's growth on almost all of the perennials, I discovered each time that next year's plant has already begun to form. While this is exciting it is also worrisome. We have a 5 days spell of nights in the low 20's ahead. Hopefully all of these young leaves are hardy enough to withstand some very cold nights.

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Margaret said...

I always have the same concern, when new growth is seen much too early. I hope your plants pulled through ok..