Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Thinning the Morning Glory

I had a little time to spend in the garden tonight after work. I decided it was time - past time really - to thin out my morning glory plants. As always, lots and lots of volunteer plants came back this year. I try to be ruthless with my thinning because it only takes 6-7 plants to completely cover this trellis. But I always worry that I will pull all of the pink-blooming volunteer plants and leave only the purple-blooming ones, which seem to be a bit more reliable. So I have left around 15 plants, hoping this will give me a nice mix of the two colors.

After I was done I checked on my potted dahlias. I counted 48 dahlias that had come up, so I have about 1/5 of them up now. That's a nice strong start. I should really see the numbers increase over the next week. Pictured above, a "Harvey Koop" and below, a "Pam Howden".

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