Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Wild Iris

The wild iris "iris tenax" are at peak bloom right now and they are just amazing. We might have more plants blooming than we have ever had before. Ironically, last year was one of our worst bloom years ever. Right as the blooms were forming, we had a pretty hard frost. It destroyed most of the young buds. 

This year is the complete opposite for whatever reason. Perhaps the plants know that they didn't form seed last year and are trying extra hard to make up for that. Whatever the reason, our banks and meadows are a sea of purple right now. This picture was taken up on the bank by the shop.

Our meadows are equally as pretty.

There is an interesting color variation found among the plants. Some of the clumps are a deep purple.

Others are more of a violet-purple.

 And still others are a soft lavender.

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